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Deploying to LKE, but how to push my images to Linode?

I have two Docker images for my application that I need for my LKE deployment. Right now I just build them locally, and I'd like to push them to Linode to make them available to my cluster. I don't really need my own Docker repo server for just 2 images that should only be accessible from my Linode account/clusters.

If I were to host these images on, say, Docker Hub, then Linode would still have to cache them locally for my pods. Certainly there is no charge for that. Do I really have to configure an entire server and object store just to store images used by my pods? It's just more money and work to maintain it. Additionally, it should remain private to my Linode account, but it can't because I would need to push to it from local.

Is there no account-level Docker image storage for images only accessible to LKE?

In looking at AWS documentation, it appears I can push local Docker images to a private and provided repo. At least that's what I think it's saying. I wonder if something similar is available with LN.

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Linode does not have a Container registry. I don't understand what is the issue with hosting your images in Docker Hub or Quay.io (price not withstanding in the latter case).

Even if Linode provided a registry, your LKE nodes would have to cache the images. And this applies whether you will AWS EKS with ECR or Azure AKS with ACRor GCP GKE with ICR or whatever managed Kubernetes from whichever provider with any container registry, hosted by them or someone else.

If you don't want that, currently your only option on Linode is to install your own registry, using something like the Harbor Helm chart on your LKE cluster or on a VM. But if it's just for your personal use, a paid Docker Hub account is cheaper and will save you the hassle.


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