Clean install of wordpress + ssl + cache on Kubernetes

Greetings. I would like to install WordPress on Kubernetes (through the graphical interface that Linode makes available by logging in with the personal key) so that I can point my domain to the IP address. Also with cache management and wordpress ip address installation to point the domain.

I don't find any such guide.

My idea would be: 3 knots of $ 5 each. Addition of scalability up to 10 additional nodes. So as to save money and have scalable, safe wordpress.

Anyone have any idea how to do it?

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Although I was not able to locate any Linode Docs detailing the process, I did find a WordPress deployment guide hosted on the site:

In order to make sure your PVCs work as intended, I would recommend comparing any deployment configuration against how our platform API handles those requests:

Once WordPress is configured, deployed, and running, you will need to make sure you deploy a NodeBalancer to act as the IP-stable ingress. This will also allow you to install an SSL certificate to allow for TLS/HTTPS traffic:

Finally, once you get WordPress up and running, you should review the following to make sure your cluster is able to auto-scale as-needed:

One thing to know is that the minimum Linode plan that can be used with LKE is the 2GB Shared plan, so you won't be able to use the Nanode for this setup. We do only charge hourly up to the maximum listed price though, so if your scaling is configured to immediately delete under-utilized Nodes, your monthly bill should remain consist with overall low use.


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