[FEATURE REQUEST] Add NixOS to official distribution list

Title says it all. I'd really love to see Linode support NixOS as an official distribution. The NixOS declarative method is perfect for cloud hosted servers. I know you can install any OS through a VERY appreciated method Linode provides us but there are some drawbacks to that approach.

Here's a link on how to install a custom distribution for those that stumble on this post and didn't already know about it.

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@longtimelistener Thanks for the suggestion! I've recorder your feedback in our internal tracker for future consideration. That being said, I don't have an ETA on when or if this suggestion will be implemented.

Have a great day!

@rdaniels Thanks for replying to this community post!
I too enjoy this suggestion. I am an avid NixOS user and would find myself easily deploying more services, with NixOS' intuitive deployment features!

In my eyes, it ought simply be an additional image, one can choose. The rest can be up to the user to configure. There are already ways people deploy NixOS on Linode. I hope this feature is implemented swiftly.

Have a great day!

I'd also like to see this.

Since this has not happend in a whole year, what makes any of you think it will happen at all, no matter how many request get sent?

Try to understand that we (small customers, developers) are not the customer base that Akamai is seeking and that their resources are going into those features of interest to the larger AWS, Azure, customer, not you and me.

@sulltech - Thanks a lot for your feedback. We've gone ahead and added your request to our tracking for this feature. However, I don't have an ETA for you on when it will be available. We'll be sure to update this thread when it's released.

@acanton77 - We take requests from our customers seriously are always looking to make improvements to our platform. We've implemented a lot of features that were suggested by our users like adding Kali Linux as a supported distribution, promo code expiration notifications, several Marketplace Applications, and more.

It can be hard to nail down an ETA for when certain features are going to be released, however, we always appreciate hearing from our customers. If you have an idea for something you want to see us implement my suggestion is to share it on the Community Site, in a ticket, or with feedback@linode.com otherwise we won't know it's something folks want.


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