nginxproxymanager and linode issue

Hi, I have been having a great deal of trouble recently with my DNS. I am running Docker on Debian 11 with nginxproxymanager, and due to some complications I was forced to migrate my server to one with a different IP. In doing this I set the new one up the exact same way, but have been having trouble for weeks now in getting the website to work with my URL. When I go directly to the IP address with the proper port, it works perfectly, but when I attempt to route the traffic through the reverse proxy manager it seems to quit working entirely. I've been reading through similar posts on forums, and I believe the problem lies somewhere with the SSL certificate. when I use the command

curl -Iv

it returns:

  • old SSL session ID is stale, removing
  • Connection state changed (MAX_CONCURRENT_STREAMS == 128)!

When I attempt to connect to the website, it times out. Another possible issue it could be is with the http/2 heading not being easily compatible with nginxproxymanager, and I read that adding

proxy_hide_header Upgrade;

could potentially fix this, but I am not entirely sure how to implement this. I can supply any additional information if needed. I'm sorry for being so unknowledgeable on the topic, I'm trying to learn, but I need to get this website back online asap in the meantime so I can finish it. Thank you for any response or help!

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