How do I create a permanent VPN between my Linode server and router?

My office router supports PPTP, OpenVPN and IPSec servers.

I wish to create a point to point VPN to allow me to connect via the VPN to file sharing, and allow non VPN users to connect to http/https ports.

I figure some sort of permanent VPN client on my Linnode server might work.

I tried it the other way, but as soon as I connected my office client to the Linnode server - the linnode server become uncontactable until I disconnected the VPN client.

Any help would be welcome.

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You can use your Linode to set up a VPN. We offer an OpenVPN One-Click App that will launch OpenVPN with full control on your Linode.

We also have these guides that will help you set up an OpenVPN solution on a variety of Linux distributions.

Linode Marketplace offers other VPN apps you might want to check out, including UTunnel VPN, WireGuard, and WarpSpeed


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