If I delete a Linode, will it delete the backups?

I want to keep a backup of a Linode I use only sparingly, and destroy the Linode every once in a while, then restore backup when I need it to save on money. Will the backup be deleted along with the Linode?

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I believe the answer to your question is 'yes'.

-- sw

A couple of options are to use the "Images" tool and pay Linode to store it for when you want to deploy it onto a new server, or you could download a disk image that you can re-upload and deploy on a new server at a later date:


Hi there,

Correct, deleting a Linode compute instance will also cancel and delete Linode Backups for that Linode. This action cannot be undone.

It looks like @davepattern beat me to the reply here (Thanks Dave!), but in your case, creating a Linode Image is likely the best option. Especially if you would like Linode to manage the image.

From within Cloud Manager, click the 'Images' tab in the left sidebar, then 'Create Image'. Choose your Linode, fill out the necessary details, and click 'Create Image'.

Voilà - an easy and simple, yet affordable way to retain your Linode for future deployment! I hope this helps!


Thanks for the answer, I will keep it in my mind.


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