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Files in object storage triggering antivirus

We got a complaint where some images requested through linodes object storage were blocked by the user's antivirus. It happens only on their machine and we cant reproduce it. Any idea?

<img alt="shot" src="https://oshi.at/FLnE/zmoF.png">

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This situation isn't unique to you or to Linode as an object storage provider. There are lots of reports about it for several object storage providers (Amazon, Oracle, M$) and anti-virus systems.

Unless you have some control over your user's anti-virus configuration, this is probably going to continue to happen. The screenshot you provide doesn't offer much information. Does the problem go away if your user relaxes the rules for these two things?

If it does, your user may be being a bit overzealous. If that's the case, getting them to change that is going to be 75%-uphill-grade battle (because the problem is always going to be yours…never the user's).

-- sw


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