Is there a way to achieve region-wise redundancy for managed services on Linode?

For example, I want to create Postgres cluster which is region-level HA.

So, it will have 3 linodes in a cluster, each in a different region.

Is it possible to achieve that using managed Linode Postgres? (e.g. Linodes would be connected using VLANs?)

I doubt it, because upon creating Postgres HA with 3 Linodes I need select a region, so 3 Linodes will be in the same region and if it goes down, the whole Postgres cluster goes down.

So it seems like the only way to go is to create 3 Linodes myself connected to VLAN, then configure Postgres cluster myself…

In addition, it would be great to have availability zones inside a region on Linode…

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For now, if you want to have a 3-Node Managed Database Cluster, all three nodes must be located in the same region (data center). In a disaster scenario, where an entire data center goes down, your Postgres cluster would go down as well.

To avoid this, you would want create a backup cluster in another datacenter or consider a multicloud deployment.

If you want to connect Linodes over multiple data centers in a load balancing capacity, you will need to employ a solution like HA Proxy since VLANs are data-center-inclusive as well.


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