problems running vmware

I get this error when trying to install vmware server on a mandrake image:

Your processor does not support the ^cpuid instruction. VMware Server will not

run on this system.

Your /proc/cpuinfo is:

processor : 0

vendor_id : User Mode Linux

model name : UML

mode : skas

host : Linux #1 SMP Fri Apr 13

09:24:46 EDT 2007 i686

bogomips : 4626.84

Execution aborted.

I'm assuming this has to do with the fact I'm trying to run a virtual machine inside a virtual machine ;).

Has anyone ever run a VMWare on a Linode? I'm trying to run a Windows Vmware Image on a Linode, thats why I need VMWare.


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To put it simply, you can't. Nor should you ever want to.

It is a Very Bad Idea to do something like this, if it were possible.


I'm trying to run a Windows Vmware Image on a Linode

Phew! Thank goodness this is not possible! :D

gcohen: VMWare requires a custom kernel module to be compiled into the kernel - since Linode kernels are all static (for good security reasons), this simply won't be possible.

Oh, and running a VM inside a VM will be excruciatingly slow, especially if it's a windows image.



I'm not sure if this applies to you, since it looks like you're trying to run windows on your linode. But…if you could use linux for your application, it is possible to nest UML instances. Meaning you could run several linux virtual machines inside your linode using UML.


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