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Hello Everyone!!
I am using Linode 100$ Free Trial but after creating 3-4 linodes a notifiication occured that my account limit is reached.
Any Solution?

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Yes, there is a solution. You can upgrade your account to a plan with more resources, or you can contact the Linode support team and ask them to increase your account limit.

~ Andy | NexusPIPE

Hey @Shizazul05885 - "Account Limit reached" can mean one of two things. Either you're trying to deploy more services than your account limit currently supports, or you're trying to deploy services above a certain plan tier than your account currently supports.

If you haven't already, I would suggest opening a support ticket by clicking 'Open New Ticket' from the following page in your Cloud Manager:

In your ticket, you should mention which plan type you are specifically trying to deploy so that the Support team can both review why you were not able to deploy that service, as well as consider reviewing your account limits if necessary.


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