I cannot access a particular linode machine with ssh command.


I cannot access a particular Linode machine with ssh command from my local machine. I can access all other machines, and all my colleagues can access that machine too.

I also cannot access the website deployed on that machine. I have tried changing the network but no luck.

Can someone tell me what to do or how to resolve?

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What message do you get from your terminal program?

Could it be an issue with your hosts file?

This guide, Troubleshooting SSH, has instructions for troubleshooting your SSH connections.

If your colleagues can access the Linode via SSH but you cannot, and you can't access the website either, it could be a network connectivity issue. In that case, I suggest checking out this post titled How can I diagnose a network connectivity issue?.

Finally, if fail2ban has been installed on this server, you may be being blocked from access after repeated attempts to login.


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