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Hello, how can i access/connect to the remote ssh through the VSCode? It looks like it cant establish any connection..

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Is ssh set up on your Linode? Linode doesn't do that for you.

-- sw

Newly deployed Linodes do have sshd enabled/running by default, but @stevewi is correct - you have to manually add your SSH keys unless you have added your pubkey to your account so that you can automatically upload it to your root user during future deployments. I personally did exact setup about a day or two ago by following the VSCode's installation guide:

Not to assume anything, you have already installed the VSCode extension Remote - SSH, correct? I initially had some issues establishing an SSH connection immediately after setup, but this was resolved by restarting VSCode.

in my case vs code is poping that its connection failed

In VS Code, from the Command Palette (F1, Ctrl+Shift+P), choose Remote-SSH: Connect to Host… and enter the same user@hostname as in step 1. If VS Code cannot automatically recognize the kind of server you are connected to, you will be prompted to do so. @coreball

@Run 3 Install the "Remote - SSH" extension: Launch VSCode, go to the Extensions view (Ctrl+Shift+X), and search for "Remote - SSH". Install the extension published by Microsoft.


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