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Hi, I have a Linode/Slackware server, with a Wireguard server configured point to pont.
Android, Windows, macos connect fine, a Slackware or DietPi client fails to connect.
I also have the same setup on a local Slackware server and everything works.
I'm going crazy, it would seem a firewall problem that can't find the open UDP port on the server.
This says the command:
nc -zvu IP address 51820
Has anyone had the same problem?

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Are there any specific error messages you're receiving? Does the /var/log/openvpn.log file reveal any further information?

This post is a few years old but they mention an issue with their OpenVPN profile being the culprit.

I also suggest taking your question to the OpenVPN Community Forums to see if they may be able to provide a bit more insight.

@tlambert --

The OP asked about Wireguard…not OpenVPN.

-- sw

Whoops! I apologize! Thanks for the call out @stevewi!

In that case, you can debug use instructions found here to extract debug info from Wireguard.

Again, going back to, this person's issue was solved by upgrading to Slackware 14.2. Are you running the latest version (15.0)? If not you may want to upgrade your distro to see if that resolves your issue.

Thanks for the answer, you made my day.


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