Is it possible to upgrade linodes via leapp ?

We have a few linodes running AlmaLinux 8.7 -- although I imagine this applies to RedHat and CentOS as well --, which we'd like to upgrade to 9.1. We'd like to use "leapp" so that we don't need to rebuild our servers from scratch. leap-preupgrade reports "Unsupported network configuration", with details below. BTW: The link provided is for "paying RH customers only", so not much help there. We tried renaming interfaces, with no luck. Has anyone managed to upgrade linux via "leapp" in a linode?



Summary: Detected multiple physical network interfaces where one or more use kernel naming (e.g. eth0). Upgrade process can not continue because stability of names can not be guaranteed. Please read the article at for more information.
Remediation: [hint] Rename all ethX network interfaces following the attached KB solution article.

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When it comes to making distribution upgrades, inline or in-place upgrades are not recommended. As is the case here, and with other distros, it can cause configurations to break and generally be more trouble than it's worth.

Instead, as is mentioned in this previous Community Questions post titled How do I upgrade my existing Ubuntu installation? and this guide on How to Upgrading a Linux System to the Latest Distribution, the suggested method is a "Clean Install" or "Migration Upgrade". Essentially, you spin up a new server running the upgraded distro of your choice, install your services and packages, copy your configs and files over, then swap the IPs.

It may seem like more work on it's face, however, it can save you a lot of time when it comes to investigating and troubleshooting what may or may not be broken after (or before in this case) an inline upgrade.


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