Notification email settings for Cloud manager account

It is possible to set a cloud manager account NOT to receive any of the notification emails?

Does the level of access determine which notification emails a user will get.

For instance, if we set up an account for a support person to only have access to a linode in order to stop and start it for instance, we don't want that user to get the administrative norifications.

Kind Regards
Andre Truter

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Hey Andre,

Linode users have the ability to modify this setting from within their accounts in Cloud Manager. We have a community post and guide that can walk you through how to adjust these notification emails in Cloud Manager. You can configure alerts for performance thresholds for your Linodes as well by following the guide below:

Configure Email Alerts

Additionally, if you're looking to limit specific access and permissions for a different user, our managing user permissions guide goes into detail about this.

I hope this helps!


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