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I'd like to boot a Linode instance on a custom iso to run some scripts, running it from LISH console. Is it possible?

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It is definitely possible to create a custom ISO and run a server from that. There is even a video the Linode team made that walks you through how to do it here:

If you have end up needing more info on stackscripts or using the LISH console, the resources below may be useful for you as well:


I could be wrong but HikariWS might be asking how to get Lish working with their custom image as part of their question too:

Tnx a lot!

I watched the video but sadly it didn't help much in my case. To provide more detail, I wanna boot a live CD to make some adjustments, not install a custom distro. I'd need to upload the iso, mount it as CD and boot from it.

I looked better on dashboard and noticed the images tab. It has option to upload image but it says it needs to be a .img. So isn't iso supported? Is it possible to convert iso to img? I'm stuck on this point :/

There is not any real difference between .iso and .img filetypes aside from the extension name, so all you have to do is convert any file you intend to upload, while making sure to keep it in line with the other requirements for custom image uploads in the Cloud Manager.

More info on .iso vs. .img filetypes:

Other requirements/considerations when uploading an image in the Cloud Manager:

Further to your initial question: If I understand what you are trying to accomplish correctly, you should be able to load the ISO into a Block Storage Volume, mount it, and treat that like a Custom Distribution. Hopefully that answers your question.



I had renamed the iso to img and compressed it to gz, then I uploaded it on

It's being listed with status ready. But now I can't find where to attach it to my VPS to boot from it.

I tried on Storage tab to create a volume, but it's not listed. Also tried to add a configuration and Settings and couldn't find the image.

Only way I had found is clicking on the 3 dots on the image and choose Rebuild an Existing Linode. Then on the 3 dots of the VPS, Rebuild, I see my image. But as I understood Rebuild is meant to clean the whole disk and make a new install, not do a temporary boot.

I guess the option would be on Rescue, but my image isn't listed on it.

Sorry for the trouble. Finnix does most if what I need. Maybe later I'll need to find a way to install some tool on it but for the most part it solves :D


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