Can I use a nodebalancer as a blue-green switch?

I want to create blue-green deployments and switch all traffic to either the blue or green Ingress IP of the LKE cluster.

Can a NodeBalancer be programmed via an API so that I can switch the traffic? I really want a switch not a load balancer.

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I wasn't able to find any specific reason this wouldn't work for you, but I also can't tell you how to accomplish exactly what you're attempting to do. This should work the same way as it would with other Kubernetes options, so any resources you find that address this question can be applied. Here are some resources that could help get you moving.

First, I'd recommend looking into Contour to see if that would help you get this set up. You can probably find additional information in their documents or their Community, but here is a video to get you started.

While that may help you get this done with NodeBalancers and Ingress, typically these types of deployments are set up with services.

Kubernetes also provides some documentation about how to accomplish Blue-Green Deployments with Jenkins.

Finally, you can also check out our guide to Building a CD Pipeline Using LKE, Helm, and GitLab. Again, this won't address exactly what you're trying to do, but it may lead you to the same end result of having a website that doesn't face downtime when updates are made.


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