Cloudflare won't proxy Object Store index page when serving a web site

I am clearly missing something tiny with my setup and hoping to get some help from the community on this.

I am using this guide from Cloudflare to proxy a static site on an object store.

I can confirm that:

  • The objet store serves the site (take a look here)
  • The web site configuration is set with both index and error pages set to index.html (as it's a React app)
  • The DNS record is pointing to the website- prefixed URL (not the the object store URL)

When I access the domain it still serves up the list of files and not the static site.

Also if you head to it does render the error page, is there something React apps need when they are behind Cloudflare?

Wondering if someone has come across this in the past and what I might be missing?

Thank you for your time.

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404 Not Found

Code: NoSuchBucket
RequestId: tx000000000000008cb1f09-00643564ff-5f8446c-default
HostId: 5f8446c-default-default


Does not load any page. The DNS response says there is "no such name" rather than giving an ip.


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