cannot set up Object Storage Cors policy

I followed the linode guides to set up connecting to my buckets with s3cmd
when I set it up I got the mis match error and the article says just ignore it so I did and I can list buckets but I cannot get the info on a bucket

russellroberts@Russells-MBP drusound_7_0_4 % s3cmd ls
2021-12-25 20:53 s3://
2023-04-13 12:10 s3://
2022-01-17 21:01 s3://
2023-04-23 09:16 s3://
2020-05-30 21:20 s3://drusound-active-storage
2020-05-19 14:51 s3://drusound-manual
2020-09-02 10:59 s3://drusound-manual-2
2021-02-24 16:00 s3://drusound-test
2021-04-15 08:35 s3://drusound-test2
2021-12-26 00:07 s3://
2021-12-26 00:34 s3://
2022-01-17 20:25 s3://
2023-04-23 08:46 s3://
russellroberts@Russells-MBP drusound_7_0_4 % s3cmd info s3://
ERROR: Bucket '' does not exist
ERROR: S3 error: 404 (NoSuchBucket)
russellroberts@Russells-MBP drusound_7_0_4 %

I tried support but they say its not something they do
I would really appreciate some help

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ERROR: S3 error: 404 (NoSuchBucket) suggests that there was an issue when configuring S3cmd. We've seen this happen from using the wrong data center in the S3 Endpoint or even just misspelling the the bucket name. My first suggestion would be to go through these configurations to make sure everything is correct.

We also have a guide for working with CORS policies for anyone else finding this who needs help getting started with this process.


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