The server with the IP address does not turn on after switching to the "initramfs" function. We need to retrieve data from our server. Please help us.

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I'd recommend that you begin by booting your Linode into Rescue Mode. This is a safe environment based on the Finnix Recovery Distribution that will allow you to perform recovery tasks to hopefully get your Linode working again.

Once in Rescue Mode, you can run a File System Check using the system utility e2fsck to check for and repair file system errors.

Please make sure you follow this guide carefully as it includes some important details, like the note that you should never use that utility on mounted disks.

If you are using our Backups Service you can try to restore from a Backup to a new Compute Instance to see if the data is available. If everything looks good on Backup, you can swap IPs so that you can use the new server moving forward and then delete the old server. If no Backups are available, you may want to look into options for Backing Up Your Data in the future.


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