How do I check the outbound bandwidth from Server to the Internet?

I can only find that the network traffic and bandwidth for the in/out across the internal network with X GB/s but how can we estimate the outbound from datacenter to the public internet?

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To access your Linode's Network Transfer usage, simply navigate to the Networking tab of your Linode. Within this section, you will find a few subsections: Monthly Network Transfer, Network Transfer History (Kb/s) and DNS Resolvers.

Under the Monthly Network Transfer subsection, you will notice a value enclosed in parentheses, such as "linode-name-123 (0.87 GB)." This value represents the current monthly accrued Network Transfer for that specific Linode.

You can also view your account's total monthly network transfer pool at the bottom of the Linode's view in Cloud Manager.

Of course, if you're using the Linode CLI, then this action is as simple as one command: linode-cli account transfer. Note, you need to generate a Personal Access Token and install the Linode CLI before being able to use the CLI.


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