Is it possible to create object storage website with setting default folder of index.html file?

I am trying to create a static website from a Linode object storage using s3cmd ws-create command.
But as I see, I can set only index.html location which leads to having the website not configured correctly, missing plugins, styles …etc.
Is there a command to set the site default folder to have all this info when creating a static site?


command used: s3cmd ws-create --ws-index=report/65/allure-report/index.html s3://testcafe-test-reports-dev

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Reading over the Deploy a Static Site using Hugo and Object Storage guide, the suggestion there is to have your site configurations in a directory called public. That includes your index.html and 404.html file.

You can keep your index file in the same file tree as long as you move the parent directory to the public directory. You will just need to specify it as a relative path in your s3cmd command.

Once you have all of your static website configurations in your public directory, you can use the following command to upload the data to your bucket and make the data public:

s3cmd --no-mime-magic --acl-public sync public/ s3://<your-bucket-name>

After that, your site should be available at


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