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I am new to Linode and I am having an issue getting logged into my admin account when I was looking at the documentation usually the password is automatically generated but where do I get that password?

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Our WordPress guide has instructions here on how you can retrieve your generated password. You'll need to log into your Compute Instance as the root user through Lish. Afterwards, you can retrieve your admin password by running the command: cat /root/.linode_credentials.txt. The password field should look something like this: wp_admin_pass:. Once you've obtained your password, and have successfully logged into WordPress, you can update your password and then remove that file.

It is completely optional to change your admin password, and if you'd like to move forward with that, you can refer to this guide below:

This does not exist. Why are you making it more difficult than it needs to be to install WordPress?

Hi @hdiep The command cat /root/.linode_credentials.txt
Returns the output:
No such file or directory

Could you please provide the command that will work to give the wordpress password. Other great options are to put it in the GUI, or go back to asking for a wordpress password when creating the wordpress server, which is how it was in the past.

Thanks in advance for any help on this

It is so much easier to install WordPress yourself than use one of the scripts that Linode gives you. It is easy… and somewhere there is a Linode guide. When you install it yourself, you choose your own admin password.

Our Developers & Docs Team are aware of the inconsistency in the WordPress guide and are working to update it accordingly. The correct command to locate your WordPress Database and UI passwords is:

cat /home/$USERNAME/.credentials

Where the $USERNAME is what was entered in the UDF during deployment. Although it's buried beneath the legacy cat /root/.linode_credentials.txt command, the correct command is currently listed on the WordPress Guide Docs Page (not the Marketplace page).

Hi jhartman, thank you for help, I was able to use the command you provided to get the wordpress admin password. Thank you!


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