Not Able To VNC To Kali Machine Using Cloudron And Guac

Hi, I have set up my kali linode already, and successfully set up guac via cloudron. Adding SSH connections on guac works now, but the VNC is not working.

I have inputted the same username and password for VNC connection, when setting up the kali linode.

However, i'm still stuck on the 'connected to guacamole, waiting for response…' page.

I have verified that port 5901 is running VNC, but somehow i'm still unable to connect. Kindly provide your expertise guys, thanks :)

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This guide on the Kali Linux Docs site has instructions for getting Guacamole installed on your Kali instance.

However, this method doesn't include installing Cloudron. In fact, I wasn't able to find much about installing Cloudron on Kali so I'm wondering if that's where your issue is coming from. You may want to reach out to the Kali Linux Community for more information on that subject.


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