Wazuh not available in marketplace

Dear All,
I am trying to deploy Wazuh and it is not available in the marketplace.
How is it possible? Did I do something wrong?
Many thanks in advance and best regards.

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Linode Staff

The Wazuh Marketplace app was temporarily hidden in Cloud Manager v1.98.0 while we investigate and resolve a critical error resulting in broken deployments. I'm unable place a timeline on when that team will be able to resolve this potential bug, but the best option for deploying Wazuh onto a Linode would be to follow their manual installation for the time being. I have provided a link to a guide below that can show you how to set it up yourself:

Yes! This has been resolved and, as of last week, the Wazuh app is available in the Marketplace again.

The deployment guide still needs to be updated but we are working on that and it should be done soon.


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