How do I setup Microsoft 365 on Wazuh

I am trying to set up alerts from Wazuh. I want to send out from my M365 account. How do I put in application password?

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There are a lot of passwords involved here, so I apologize for not being sure which password you're referring to, but I'd be happy to provide some resources that could help.

First, if you used our Marketplace App, you can check out our guide to deploying the Wazuh App. In that guide, you'll see you can get your credentials by running the following command from the command line while logged into your Wuzah server:

cat /root/.deployment-secrets.txt

After completing that set-up guide, you may also need to head to Wazuh's documentation for further setup information. There are again various passwords, but the information you need is likely somewhere in that documentation.

I found this section that specifically relate to using Wuzah to monitor Office 365 activity:

You can generate a password to use during the authentication process. Go to Certificates & secrets and click on New client secret, then the name and the expiration date of the New client secret are requested.

If you're trying to configure email alerts, there is a general section about that as well: Configure email alerts

If you'd like to provide a more detailed explanation of what you've done so far, what your setup looks like, and what exactly you're trying to do, someone from our Community may be able to provide a more tailored response. For now, I hope one of these sources helps get you moving in the right direction.


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