How do I change my password using Filezilla

Hello Linode's community,
I'm managing what I consider to be a CDN and I am dangerous in the sense that I don't know basic sh commands.

Therefore, I'm using Filezilla. I want to change my password. I looked through the Linode Q&A space 198 pages to see if my question was asked before and I could not find out how can I, with the use of Filezilla, change my password. Can you help please?

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Are you asking if you can change your password on a compute instance by using FileZilla? If so, the answer would be, "no," because in order for the connection to your machine to be made so you could update the password, you would need to have the credentials necessary to connect to the machine in the first place.

Not to worry, though, there are very user-friendly password reset options for your compute instances on the Linode platform, however, as you can see here:

All of the above password reset process is done through the Linode Cloud Manager, and requires no system administrative knowledge.

After the root password has been reset, you should be able to use the following guide to connect to your machine using FileZilla:

I hope that helps!



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