LKE Audit Logs

I'm looking to access audit logs on LKE and noticed a discussion from nearly three years ago on this topic in a Linode forum. I wanted to check if there have been any updates or new methods introduced since then.

It's important for me to have a solution that allows me to store and analyze these logs, especially to identify which components or users are initiating API calls within the cluster.

I appreciate your assistance and look forward to your response!

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Linode Staff

At this time we don't have any guides available for implementing audit logging into an LKE cluster. However, we've had requests of this feature and it is on our roadmap. We don't have a timeline for when auditing logs within the LKE cluster will be implemented, but the extent of the guidance I was able to provide as a workaround is pulling standard logs using kubectl:

I'd also suggest glancing at our LKE patch notes page from time to time to know when features like these are added and others:


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