How frequently I read printed Linux magazines

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I'm curious how many of you actually read printed (or the online versions of the print version) Linux magazines (Linux Journal, Linux Magazine, Linux FORMAT, etc).


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My second job was working in a computer magazine publisher and I learnt just how little knowledge those people actually had about computers.

At that time I stopped buying or reading them.

But I was interviewed for Linux Journal over a decade ago :-)

I read mostly Linux FORMAT magazine - the content is handy sometimes, but the DVDs are the real worth. Also, the magazine contains relevant advertising.

It's just very expensive here in South Africa - equivalent to the price of ten Big Mac meals.


The only magazines I pick up (rarely, as I don't live there) are the special editions of this French magazine:

They tend to focus on one topic and be very low on graphic design elements and advertising (what's there is highly targeted). It's a bit like printing out a bunch of HOWTO's and binding them up nicely.

I guess the economics of magazine publication in France are different from the US / UK.

I have a subscription to LWN. I try to catch up when possible, but it's hard. I really wish there was a way to pull it into an RSS reader or something similar.

I also subscribe to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter.

Linux FORMAT all the way, it contains some interesting articles and the advertising is relevant.

I enjoy Linux Journal and Linux Format mags but find them expensive. I had a subscription to LJ when it was first published in the 90s. I used to keep them in a box until they were sacrificed to a move several years ago. I purchased their archive on CD. It takes up a lot less space.

I keep up on the web for the most part these days.

My only print subscription is Nuts and Volts. I get bargain subscriptions at Ham radio conventions.



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