How do I fix a corrupt file system?

My linode is accessible only in recovery mode. How can keep my existing IP, fix the file system and use my backup to restore back to working?

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If your Linode is only accessible in Rescue Mode and you want to retain your existing IP addresses, fix the file system, and restore from a backup, I recommend these steps:

  1. Boot Into Rescue Mode: Place your Linode in Rescue Mode to gain access to the file system for necessary repairs.

  2. Use fsck for Disk Repair: Refer to our guide on using fsck to identify and fix disk errors.

  3. Maintain Linode Activation: Ensure the corrupted Linode stays active until you've successfully repaired the disk or completed the restoration from a recent backup. This is to retain your IP address as deleting the Linode will send the IP back into the global pool.

  4. Deploy Backup to Existing or New Linode: If opting to recover from a recent backup, deploy that recent backup to the existing or new Linode.

  5. IP Swap: If you opted to deploy a new Linode, swap their IP addresses from under the Networking tab of the Linodes in Cloud Manager. Reboot them with Network Helper or manually configure their networking.

By following these steps, you can effectively fix the file system errors you're running into, utilize your recent Linode backup for easy recovery, and maintain your existing IP addresses.


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