How to export a backup or snapshot of a Linode?

Good afternoon, I need to know if there is any way for me to export the backups of the Linodes for which I have configured backups. From the configuration menu, it only gives me the option to restore a backup or deploy a backup to a new Linode

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While you can get the information from your Backup to other servers, there isn't a direct way to do that. As explained in our guide to Downloading a Local Copy of your Backups:

Backups generated by the Backup service are not able to be directly downloaded and are intended only for restoring that backup to a Compute Instance. A common question for the service is how you can download the content from your Linode Backups to another storage location, like your home computer.

It explains that in order to do this, you first have to restore the Backup to a Compute Instance and then you can copy files or disks to another location. That guide provides links for anything you should need, but we do have a some additional options for transferring files here in our Docs Library if you need them.

If you deploy your Backup to a new instance for this process and no longer need it after you've transferred the data, make sure you take steps to Stop Further Billing for that service.


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