Cant comment on Youtube App if i am using VPN ( some Linode instance work OK, some are not)

I created new Ubuntu instance, location is Osaka Japan.
and installed V2ray as a VPN (v2ray are tool for circumvent the China Greate Fire Wall)
the problem here, if i setup VPN with the same script, same OS in other VPS provider (like Vul*** ) there are no problem with Youtube App comment

but if i install VPN in Linode instance, when i do comment at any video, then the Youtube App show the alert "the action isnt allowed"

the problem not caused by video, or my account, because if i turned off VPN i can comment without any problem.

I tested by this way: create 6 different Linode instance with same location. And the result are only 2 instance can do the comment OK, no problem

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I addressed a similar concern raised by another community member earlier this year. Here's the link to the discussion:

It's widely recognized that popular online platforms such as YouTube and Netflix often restrict access from IP addresses associated with VPNs, particularly those utilized to bypass advertisements. Some users have also reported similar restrictions from VPN providers like NordVPN as noted in the thread linked above.

While there's a chance of obtaining an unaffected IP, reaching out to YouTube might be a proactive step to explore. In case your IP is blocked, consider contacting YouTube to request removal from any blocklist. Providing them with the date you acquired the IP, along with an explanation that any previous misuse was under a different owner, can strengthen your case.


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