Wanted: A good tutorial on setting up a Linux Email Server - DMARC, SPF & DKIM records

Is there a good article that explains how I configure an ubuntu server to send emails?

I also want it to explain how to set up SPF, DMARC and DKIM records so that the deliverability is good.

Also is there a way of figuring out one's Email Sender Score?

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As a starting point, I would recommend reading through Linode's guide on running a mail server, just to make sure you are familiar with the fundamentals:

Following this, you may choose from the list of more specific email guides that we are listed here:

Personally I would recommend using Mail-in-a-Box for setting up your mail server, since the process can otherwise be pretty arduous:

For configuring DNS records, Linode's guide here will get you started on that:

If you plan on managing your DNS records at Linode, the following guide will show you how the Linode DNS Manager functions:

While Linode does not have an in-house email deliverability evaluation program/process, you can probably utilize a mixture of MXtoolbox for troubleshooting, and Spamhaus for IP reputation concerns:

Hope that helps!



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