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My site has been unreachable for about 16 hours. At first, the page was timing out and giving the error message 504 bad gateway nginx. Now it doesn’t even try to load, just says the site is unreachable (ERR_CONNECTION_FAILED). Help?!

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There are a few possible solutions for an issue like this, depending on your use case. An example of past solutions recommended on this forum included troubleshooting network connectivity as a starting point by using MTR, then if that looks good, checking firewall/iptables rules, and then branching out from there:

Another possibility which is talked about in the following stackoverflow post:

In the example above, the user was using an NGINX compute instance as a reverse proxy, and just had to enable keepalive. A larger/more in-depth explanation on what that is and why can be found here:

If you neither of the above recommendations help, and you are not using NGINX as a reverse proxy, a little more insight into your use case may be helpful. As a general practice, reviewing log files is never a bad idea:

Hope that helps!



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