How to SSH correctly into Linode using Ubuntu linux.

I am getting the following error message when I try to ssh into my linode, but only when I am using a Ubuntu linux command line. I have no problem using Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell in Windows 10:
"Could not resolve hostname Temporary failure in name resolution"
Can anyone suggest possible reasons for this? After trying to resolve the problem for a couple of days now, I am completely at a loss to know what to try next!

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I have a few troubleshooting ideas/recommendations, depending on how this issue is manifesting.

Are you trying to connect via LISH?. If so, you may want to try using Weblish, or SSH with the -vvv flag to help locate where the issue is.

Some additional troubleshooting guides on this topic can be found here:

After this, I would also recommend running an apt update && apt upgrade command, because sometimes simple stuff like that can fix an issue like this.

Just to be sure there was not a larger underlying issue, I deployed a test server in London just now and connected using LISH console via SSH and did not run into any issues.

Hope this helps!



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