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Setting up Cloudron botched in the Domain Setup process

I set up some domains in Linode to set up Cloudron, but my domain links will not work.

Every time I enter a domain link and then select DNS provider and put in my API token that I made with recommended settings (Domain, read-write, expiration never), I would be given an error saying:
Unable to reslove nameservers for this domain

I have no idea what to do, as I am at loss, and none of the setup guides provided by both linode and cloudron would show me what to do in this case.

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There are a decent number of posts on this topic over at Cloudron's support forums that you (and others) may find useful:

They also have a troubleshooting section for DNS issues specifically:

You would want to make sure that the A/AAAA domain records for your domain are associated with the compute instance in question that is running Cloudron:

Hope that helps!



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