How do I configure email to send and receive from my domain?

It been awhile since I was using this, but I used to be able to use gmail for my smtp, but for some reason, it stopped working.

So my question is how do I configure my domain as well as my server PHP to send and receive emails? Also, what email client is recommended and how to configure it (Outlook?)?



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The easiest way to set up a mail server would be to deploy a new compute instance and follow one of Linode's guides on the topic, but I will get to that a little more in a minute. The actual order in which you will want to do this will be:

  • Acquire a domain from a registrar (if you have not already).
  • Deploy the mail server (or what will be the mail server) on the Linode platform by following the below guides
  • Create/Manage your DNS records.

Now for the fun part: actually setting up the compute instance. You can follow along with this by choosing from one of the below guides:

Personally I have only used the "Mail-in-a-box" setup, which I would really recommend because it streamlines the process considerably.

After you have acquired the domain and set up the mail server, you then need to manage your DNS records so that the domain you are using is actually associated with your shiny new mail server you just set up. If you wish to manage your DNS records at Linode, the below guides will be helpful:

One caveat I should mention is that you will want to make sure that once you deploy your mail server that mailing restrictions are not in place on your that instance. You can do this by running some mail delivery tests, or by either submitting a support ticket asking them directly or giving the support line a ring at the numbers below:

U.S. 855-454-6633
Global +1-609-380-7100

As far as what mail client to use is concerned, that is really more of a personal preference. Personally I use Thunderbird:

Hope that helps!



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