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Thinking about setting up my infrastructure using an IaC approach. Need some guidance.

Hi Community,

I have a quick query: I'm in the process of setting up some Linode VMs and I'm aiming to configure them within a dedicated VPC.

Initially, I chose Terraform and began setting everything up. However, I discovered that I cannot create a Linode VM within a specific VPC using Terraform. So, I reverted to Ansible, but I couldn't find a solution for the same objective.

Am I overlooking something in the Terraform documentation or in Ansible? How have you guys addressed similar challenges?


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Although it doesn't appear that VPC metadata has yet been added to our Linode Ansible Collection, I was able to find VPC arguments detailed in HashiCorp's Linode Library linked below:

Based on the syntax provided in that Terraform guide, you can add VPC interfaces to your Linodes as-such:

interface {
    purpose   = "vpc"
    subnet_id = 123
    ipv4 {
      vpc = ""


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