How do I provision an lke nodepool with node labels

I'm trying to distribute workload in our kubernetes clusters based on function and the k8s documentation states to set node Affinity using labels, which we've used successfully with other cloud providers.
I have not been able to discover a means of adding labels to nodes in lke - am I missing something, or is this not available in Linode?

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At this time this feature is not yet available, but it has been added to our feature request tracker. In the meantime, you can still add kubernetes labels to assets, they just won't appear in Cloud Manager.

For example, if you have labelled pods or other resources, you can get all of them with the following:

kubectl get pods --show-labels

For a specific label the following works as well:

kubectl get pods --selector=app=LABEL_NAME

And if you want to dump logs for only one kind of labelled asset:

kubectl logs -l name=LABEL_NAME

Hope this helps!


any updates?


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