Does Linode automatically increase the size of an s3 bucket upon reaching its initial threshold of 250GB?

I'm considering Object Storage options and have come across issues with people being overcharged by other S3 Cloud Providers as they simply charge them per GB used. I'd rather NOT be charged should someone maliciously upload excessively to my S3 bucket.

I was wondering if there is a way to limit an S3 bucket's size so that once a hard disk capacity is reached, it will NOT upgrade to the next tier, and instead throw an error? Or at least send me an email notification asking for approval of an upgrade which could impact my wallet…

Thanks in advance for any helpful insights.

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By nature of unstructured S3 storage, our Object (OBJ) Storage buckets do not have fixed sizes and will scale as your upload or remove files/data. We don't tier our OBJ or charge a fix rate beside the initial $5.00/month for the first 250GB - After you surpass 250GB, you can expect a consistent additional $0.02 - $0.028/GB depending on the Data Center.

For more information about Object Storage and our pricing model, be sure to check out the following Doc Page:

Aside from generally securing your account through strong passwords and Two-Factor Authentication, you can secure your OBJ buckets through the use of Access Tokens and Access Control Lists (ACLs). For more information about how to configure these for your Object Storage buckets, these guides should help point you in the right direction:

Although their are no ways to automatically set thresholds for OBJ usage in Cloud Manager, you may be able to create monitoring/alerts using our API:


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