boot from blog storage volume failed by newly create linode instance


i have

  1. linode instance 25G storage
  2. volume 50G storage

i have read this

i have boot from volume 50G it working find as normal and app is working.

i try to delete linode instance than create new linode instance then boot to my old volume 50G storage but it seem like does not work and my ap also does not accessible too.

is it possible to do this by attach old volume has boot file to new linode instance? or what i'm wrong with technical?

Pls suggest.

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You can definitely boot from your old block storage volume on a newly created Linode. And you are following the correct guide as far as booting from a block storage volume is concerned.

One thing I did not see you mention is whether or not you safely detached your block storage volume from the old Linode before deleting it. It is important to always follow best practices regarding attaching/detaching block storage volumes, as skipping steps may result in data loss.

Other than that everything you mention doing looks to be correct.

I hope that helps! Let us know if you have any followup/clarifying questions.



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