Debian does Dallas, a local repo

I have setup a local Debian Etch (main) only mirror. It is using the linode backbone infrastructure so this doesn't go against your monthly usage. I'm still currently testing this, but it looks like everything works. (ie, I've set it up with the internal route-able address and it loops back without a problem.)

I only did etch/main because I don't have the available space, as well, I assume anyone running a production box isn't going to need anything else but main if they want to remain stable.

In case you think I'm trying to trojan you, you can md5sum my packages from, which is where I mirrored from.


add: etch main

to your /etc/apt/sources.list

apt-get clean

apt-get update

mirrored everyday at 4:00 AM EST

Unfortunately, I don't have the harddrive space to mirror multiple directories like contrib and non-free. What I figured is that if someone is running a server they probably don't need many things from contrib and non-free so I decided against even providing them. Maybe someone else can provide them given the avaiable steps and space. So, give me some time, I'm a rather busy guy, or I'm sleeping, and I'll improve this as best as I can. I have disabled access to outside of linode dallas datacenter. Mainly because I can't compete with the offical mirrors in terms of bandwidth. If you are in the dallas area/linode dallas DC use the University of Texas mirror for contrib and non-free. It is what I used to mirror for this mirror.

If you have a complaint/thank you/suggestion, email me at dave{[at]} (Please remove the brackets)

Check out how to set it up: (I have just setup the A name so it might take awhile to propagate)


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Is anyone using this? My logs don't show anything, maybe they are off or something, or maybe I need to wait a bit longer.

I'm currently running my Linode against unstable, or I would be using this. Just the normal speed improvement would be enough for me.


I'm currently running my Linode against unstable, or I would be using this. Just the normal speed improvement would be enough for me.

I'll look to see if I can increase this any. I have about 4GB free or so I think I could. I'll look more into this weekend and next week.

I'm an happy user of your repo.

Thank you, it work really good :wink:

Your welcome. Glad to see someone is finding it useful.

I have some network problem with dallas i think i must switch to Newark :(

I think that the local repos is a thing that can be the difference between linode and other vps services. Put local repos on your DC'S!!! :D


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