Just signed to liode, little problem with the hostname.

Fixed, thanks for your help :)

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How to best organise this is explained in 'Issues Regarding DNS and Apache' on the Apache website.

thanks for the link, but this didin't help with my problem.

A fully qualified domain name is something that ends with a top-level domain such as .com, .org, .net, etc. Basically, if it looks like something that belongs to the location bar of your web browser (e.g. www.linode.com), it's a fqdn.

linode1 –- is not a fqdn.

linode1.yourdomain.com –- is a fqdn.

Also, you must also make sure that the fqdn you use actually points to the IP address of your server. (Otherwise you get the error, "unable to resolve host".) You can do this either by creating an A record for your fqdn in the DNS manager, or by adding a line to /etc/hosts.

The way you've set up /etc/hosts works fine, because you've tricked your server into believing that linode1 is actually a fqdn that resolves to I think some versions of Debian/Ubuntu configure your /etc/hosts like that by default. But this isn't optimal. First, doesn't point anywhere. Second, linode1 isn't a fqdn.

You have a static IP, so use it instead of Assuming Debian/Ubuntu, the following should work for you.

In your /etc/hosts/ linode1.yourdomain.com linode1

(Replace with your real IP address.) This sets up both the fqdn and the short name you're using. The fqdn must come first, or else you may get an error.

Then, in your /etc/hostname


There are several ways to achieve the same effect, so other people will use different combinations of configuration.


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