Practicality of running Asterisk?

I've seen enough post to gather that you CAN run Asterisk on a Linode … my questions is SHOULD I?

I've had not problems stumbling though using my existing Linode with only a few questions to Linode Spport (which is great - almost immediate responses!). I now have a need for a very simple vru that will be dialing outbound (very low volume as well - 50>100 calls per day). Would it be extraordinarily difficult to use a Linode with a 3rd party PSTN interface?

I cannot tell from the information out there if the installation is reasonable and complete (without compromises). I am not worried about making this work once it is installed. Can I completely install Asterisk without performing unnatural acts?


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I suppose that depends on what you consider to be unnatural acts. You will need to compile the dahdi_dummy kernel module (renamed from ztdummy). I was told that it wouldn't be necessary as long as I didn't need the MeetMe conference stuff. But I was not getting any audio without it.

It doesn't seem to consume lots of resources, but I don't get many phone calls or hits on my blog anyhow! ;)

I am pretty new to the whole Asterisk thing, I think there are some guru's around Linode though if you have config problems. I compiled the 1.4 packages for asterisk and asterisk-addons. I also compiled the 2.1 versions of the dahdi-kernel and dahdi-tools packages. I did all of this on the 2.6.28-linode15 kernel.

I also wrote up a blog post about my experiences compiling the dahdi kernel modules. You might find it useful..

~~[" target="_blank">]( … on-linode/">](

There is a newer post on there about configuring the Linksys SPA-3102. That might be some help as well. There seem to be plenty of resources online for this stuff.


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