How do I get started administering a Linux system with Linode?

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I have been looking to start operating a linux server remotely, using my local computer. I recently discovered your website and I am impressed by the documentation as I am a beginner on Linux and CentOS but am a quick study. I am asking if you have sufficient documentation for one who has been working on servers (managed) for about twenty years but wants to learn server set up and deployment of a website from a linux server.

I'm wondering if Linode has full documentation for someone in my position. I find that Googling everything under the sun both lacks cohesion and is very time consuming.

Thank you in advance for your reply.

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I'm glad to hear that you've found our documentation so useful! Learning Linux certainly can be a bit challenging - particularly without any specific guidance - but once you have a firm grasp of the basics it becomes much easier. I've included URLs for a handful of guides that I think you'll find useful:

General/Linode Guides:
Getting Started
Using LISH
SSH Guides

Networking Guides:
Static Networking on Linode
IPv6 on Linode

Security Guides:
Securing Your Server
Scan for Malware/Vulnerabilities
Recovering from a Compromise

Webserver Guides:
Hosting a Website
Hosting Sites with Apache
Hosting Sites with Nginx

Firewall Guides:
Controlling Network Traffic with iptables (expert level)
UFW (beginner level - for Debian/Ubuntu based systems)
FirewallD (beginner level - CentOS and other FirewallD distributions)

Maintenance Guides:
Reboot Survival Guide
Rescue and Rebuild

Troubleshooting Guides:
Diagnosing Network Issues with MTR

This is a pretty big list, and while you may not need every one of these guides, this list should keep you busy for a while. Please do feel free to reach back out if you have anymore questions or need any help interpreting anything in the guides!

Tom D.
Linode Support Team


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