Can I access the entire /24 block my IPv4 address is in?

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hello, the Remote Access tab for my server shows Does this mean i can use the entire /24 block for that range, meaning I have 256 IPs I can attach to my Linode?

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No, your Linode comes with only 1 IPv4 address within that /24 block. If you need an additional IPv4 address, we may be able to provide that at a cost of $1/month per additional IP, but we do require pretty specific technical justification before assigning them, as most setups do not require additional addresses these days. If you need another address, you can open up a support ticket providing specific details as to why you need the additional address(es) and we will consider the request. For guidance, we follow the standard ARIN guidelines when considering additional IP address requests.

Alternatively, because IPv6 has such high availability, we can assign an entire IPv6 /64 block to your Linode at no charge. A single /64 block contains over 18 trillion addresses, which is thousands of times more than the total number of addresses in the entire IPv4 standard! Under this configuration, you can add/remove/change IPv6 addresses whenever you choose to do so. We have other IPv6 pool options as well, namely /56 and /116, but we do require technical justification for those as well.

Tom D.
Linode Support Team


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