Thanks for DNS improvement

I run a nameserver on a linode, but I use the official linode servers as slaves.

It used to take 5 or 10 minutes for the slaves to pick up a new zone file when I made an update, but today I noticed that the delay is gone.

It's a small thing, but it's actually really helpful when you're working with DNS. And it's a great example of how Linode is always making things better.

This is something that very few people would care about, or even notice, but someone took the time to improve it. That's really cool.

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Har – We just made some changes last night. Glad you noticed and that it fixed the problem!

Rock on!


Hurm, this might make me move my DNS back in house since I've been doing lots of work in it lately.

Yes, I've noticed it too - thanks heaps guys :D

Makes it much easier when adding a new record and not having to wait for it to update to all the slaves in case my desktop gets a negative-cache of it not existing ;)

(Oldish thread, but…)

I just noticed this too. Very nice! :) It wasn't a big deal, but the delay always bugged me.

It especially caught me by surprise because I hadn't told my server to notify the slaves, and I didn't know it did so automatically.


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