2 seperate websites on 1 linode?

Here's my setup..

I have a Linode 360, it currently has 2 configurations setup each is associated with a disk image. I'm running Ubuntu 8.04 LTS for both disk images..

(#1) Wordpress Site - Using Nginx has IP

(#2) Magento Site - Using Apache2 has IP

I have setup each site (disk image) with the static IP. But when I reboot site #1 it's IP starts responding and site #2 will stop responding. If I reboot site #2, it will starting responding and site #1 will stop.

Why would that be? Do I need to go with a second linode?


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I think I may have answered my own question..

Only can have 1 configuration running at a time..

You can have as many web sites on your linode as you can fit. You're currently doing it wrong, however. I assume you're using Apache (which I don't use), so try Googling for "apache virtualhost" or something.

I've got 2 sites that are using Apache on one disk image.. and then the other is running Nginx to host up the wordpress site.. Can you run apache and nginx together?

There's a couple ways to whip this llama:

1) Attach two IPs to the Linode, and run Apache bound to one IP and nginx bound to the other.

2) Use one IP address, have one of the web servers listen on port 80, and have it proxy requests for the other one.

3) Use one web server (and one IP) for both sites.

4) Buy a second Linode! :-)

My personal implementation is a combination of #3 and #4… my busy web site runs on its own Linode, with lighttpd+Python wsgi+memcached+postgresql, and everything else runs on a "shared" Linode with lighttpd and a fastcgi handler for each application.

IMO just use the KISS method, I'm running a 1/2 dozen websites on my linode (3 are parked and 3 are live) with the same IP with Apache. Don't make it too complicated ya know ;)

I'm hosting 24 not-so-busy websites on my Linode 720 using Apache.


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