Linode's DNS server IP addresses

What are the IP addresses of Linode's DNS servers?

I run bind as a master server on a linode. Right now I've got Linode's 4 DNS servers configured as slaves.

Earlier today, I made an update, and it didn't go out to the slaves. I found the following line in my syslog:

Oct 8 14:39:49 li58-199 named[2534]: client zone transfer '' denied

I added that IP address to my access control list in namec.conf.local, and everything was fine.

But I was wondering if Linode has added DNS servers, or changed their IP addresses. I'd like to make sure my bind config is up to date, as well as the information in whois for my domain.


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Just use 'host' or 'nslookup' to check the IPs of ns[1234] Plus, the import tool in the DNS manager makes a zone transfer from

Me, I just allow zone transfers globally, though I still have to hardcode Linode's IPs for notify.

That IP belonged to as well. During our troubleshooting this morning, we temporarily added an IP to it. It is now back to only the old address (

Thanks for the info – I wasn't sure if I had broken my configuration inadvertently, if there was something going on with linode's servers, or if maybe you guys were moving your DNS server IP addresses.

I really appreciate the quick reply and the good info. This stuff separates you guys from almost all of your competition.


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