May I run a small legal torrent tracker on linode servers?

My torrent tracker will track a single legal torrent file that I have all the rights to. May I run a torrent tracker on linode servers?

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Thanks for the FAQ! It seems like I'm okay, but I wanted to receive confirmation from someone in pre-sales.

Be sure to enable info_hash and whitelisting for your torrent tracker, otherwise you could inadvertently begin to host torrents for not-so-legal means.

yeah its OK to run a torrent tracker or seed for properly licensed content

In fact, I wish more people would. Too often you see some small indie outfit trying to distribute a big file (a game demo, a fan film, etc) and just failing miserably, or relying on a big list of dodgey mirrors. This is what BitTorrent was designed for!

Actually, sometimes you see a big company trying to release something and failing to get adequate capacity lined up.

BitTorrent is better suited for legal content than illegal content, and these days torrent clients have an install base large enough that you can use BitTorrent as your primary distribution mechanism with HTTP as a fallback.


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